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Description of Destination : manzanillo
Horse Back Riding at Mazatlan
Golfing in Manzanillo
Manzanillo was first settled in 1522 and became the site of Latin America's first shipyard in 1531. In the 1970s, a Bolivian tin baron built the exclusive and opulent Las Hadas Golf and Marina Resort, which put Manzanillo on the tourist map. During the 1980s Manzanillo began to expand and today has several tourist attractions. Due to its slow growth, Manzanillo is still mostly unspoiled and is a favourite for those who enjoy a more slow-paced destination.

Situated on a peninsula at the southern end of two bays, Manzanillo has been an important Mexican port city for centuries,

Golf at Manzanillo, Mexico
and is now home to the Mexican navy. Fine beaches abound in this Mexican Riviera destination, and its many lagoons make it the ideal locale for those who enjoy water sports. Deep sea fishing is popular here and the sailfish catch is excellent.

Excursions Available at manzanillo
  • City Tour
  • Folkloric Colima & Comala
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